Donate to help spread Quran is a non-profit islamic organization that focuses on spreading the Quran around the world to anyone, anywhere at anytime.

we are the very first organization, which made the Quran application FREE Open Source for anyone.

We have served the Quran to over Millions of user every year since 2006.

All the Big Names have been using our api and code on their website and applications, some of these are:,,,, and Baba Ali Show.

Our dream is to spread the Quran to anyone anywhere at anytime for Free as always.

We are working on several projects that are being developed to share with the world, free of cost.

Your donation will help us with development, documentation, designing, editing, programming, website maintenance, server, content network delivery (cdn) servers, support and many other things.

As the project grows and develops we will be able to reach even more millions of people worldwide, helping them to read, learn and understand Allah’s beautiful revelation.

Your donation will be an investment not just for the project, but for your future as an act of continual sadaqa.

Here you can help us raise funds for our cause. May Allah accept your contribution as sadaqa jaaria and grant you the best in this life and hereafter.

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